This concept design, submitted as part of the Dieline CWWWR Awards 2015, is a fair trade single origin chocolate bar product targeted at the premium chocolate market segment.
Named "Mayan Harvest", this single serve chocolate bar comes in two varieties, Milk & Dark chocolate with 35% and 76% cocoa respectively.
The design is minimal, with the use of contrasting gold highlights together with a deep midnight blue giving a sense of class. The base design is in the style of a simplified ancient Mayan pictograph, hinting at the long history of cocao and it's role in history. The balance of dark to light areas is altered to identify with the cocao percentage of the two product variations. The pictograph element also appear on the chocolate itself as part of the mold, tying the product together with the package design.
The product name is boldly and prominently rendered in a hand drawn script style font, with the product particulars written using Bureau Grotesque for its san serif style and form harking back to old newspapers and publications, further emphasising chocolate's rich history and link to the past.
With minimal use of design elements, and a deep rich blue contrasted by gold highlights hinting at the premium ingredients and taste, the design seeks to shift the focus indirectly to the chocolate itself.
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