This concept design, submitted as part of the Dieline CWWWR Awards 2015, is a traditional dried pasta product targeted at the premium dried pasta market segment.
This product is a dried Penne Rigate pasta under the Italian Pantry brand, sealed in a standing zip-lock pouch.

The design features a simple yet robust colour palette, with an emphasis on crimson red contrasted with deliberate yet selectively used areas of gold foil detail; by which the pasta variety is also revealed visually. These elements are all placed atop a bold engraving of emperor Julius Caesar, linking the product back to it's strong Italian heritage while giving the design additional depth and a rich sense of detail and class.

The pasta variety is prominently displayed in a bold slab serif font to create a point of balance with the strong background visual. This is combined with a well balanced, yet non-distracting and appropriately themed humanist sans font, Fago, for the detailed product text.

Rather than overtly displaying an image of the pasta itself, this packaging concept hints at the pasta within while providing a refined visual experience.
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